About MACN

The Missouri Association of Crisis Negotiators began as the Eastern Missouri Association of Crisis Negotiators in 2011 when it was established by the St Charles County Regional Crisis Negotiation Team.  In the years since, the membership expanded to include a fully functional board of directors, has been approved as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and was accepted in 2014 as a member of the National Council of Negotiation Associations.

In addition to the executive members, the board of directors includes regional representatives from each of the Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop areas.  Click here to find a representative in your area (insert link to list of board members).

The association conducts an annual 3-day, state-wide conference, periodic 1-week crisis/negotiation courses and regional 1-day training events.  New in 2013, MACN conducts annual competitions involving a myriad of agencies from throughout the state.

  • Our Goals

    Improve member’s skills through quality training, technology-focused information exchange, and through networking with experience negotiators.

    Establish and maintain a close working relationship among crisis negotiators throughout the State of Missouri.


    MACN is committed to providing professional and relevant crisis/hostage negotiation training throughout the state.  All MACN training, conferences and competitions are Missouri POST approved for continuing education credit.

    Registration discounts for members and the host agency are available for almost all training events.  Host agencies earn two free seats for every ten paid enrollments.

    Agencies interested in hosting a training event may contact the MACN Training Coordinator (insert email link).

    Hosting Requirements:

    1. Select 4-hour, 6-hour, 8-hour or 40-hour topic according to training need.
    2.  Determine that a minimum of 22 people are interested in attending.
    3.  Provide a comfortable, climate controlled training site with audio/visual capabilities, adequate parking, restrooms and proximity to lunch venues.
    4.  Provide a point of contact for coordination for the development and distribution of a flyer.


    MACN has held conferences every year – each year bigger and better than the year before. Highlights of past conferences include a variety of dynamic presenters from throughout the United States including the mother and father of suicidal subject Grant Sattuar from Oceanside California, Dr. Wayman Mullins from Texas State University, the Lewis Prison Stand-off by the FBI and the Robert Hess Middle-School hostage perspective from Pine Planes, New York.

    New in 2014 is the “Tactical Alliance Day,” wherein case studies with both crisis negotiation and tactical relevance are presented.  “Tactical Alliance Day” is an opportunity for tactical operators, law enforcement supervisors and crisis negotiators to see the value of collaborated efforts during a stand-off.

    The 2015 MACN Conference is scheduled to be held in Branson, Missouri.  A number of presentations have already been identified.  A full schedule should be announced by February 2015.

  • Outreach

    The association is open to anyone within the State of Missouri affiliated with crisis/hostage negotiation. In addition to those agencies who have structured negotiation teams, MACN seeks to provide training and assistance to law enforcement and corrections professionals seeking to develop or enhance crisis negotiation skills.

    Crisis intervention techniques and strategies have proven effective for a number of law enforcement and corrections situations.  MACN feels strongly that active listening skills, an overview of basic negotiation techniques, and an understanding of psychological crises facilitates a more risk-effective method of dealing with those in crisis.

    As part of the MACN outreach program, free training is available to professional conferences and to rural or underserved communities. MACN instructors are able to provide training in increments of 2-hours, 4-hours, 6-hours, or 8-hours.

    Those interested in requesting free training may contact the President of MACN


    MACN conducts original research and case studies on a variety of subjects including the true story behind the movie “The Negotiator.”  With the cooperation of hostage take Tony Daniele, a detailed three-hour case study was developed for crisis negotiators.

    MACN has also conducted original research in the area of Sovereign Citizens, Returning Combat Veterans, and Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Team Building.


    Unique to the MACN is the Annual Challenge.  Each year, the MACN hosts a competitive, scenario-driven event.  Teams from throughout Missouri enter with teams of 4-6 negotiators each.  During the day-long event, teams are judged on a variety of skills ranging from active listening to brainstorming and decision making.

    Whether your team is looking for a good day to run your team through a scenario or an opportunity to see how they measure up against other teams – this is event is guaranteed to improve your team’s performance.

    The competition is open to negotiation teams from throughout the Midwest.

    First, second and third place teams win trophies and the first place team is offered an opportunity to go on to a national competition at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.  MACN sponsors the winning team up to $2500.00.

    3rd Annual MACN Challenge is scheduled for May 29th – location is still to be determined.

Charter Members

  • Dave Goewert


  • Joshua Gilliam


  • Pat Doering